Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mendicity as a strategy for development

"Lama Oueijan, a project manager for the United Nations Development Project and an adviser to the Lebanese economy and trade minister, acknowledged the agricultural sector's complaints, and said the recent political instability in Lebanon has pushed agricultural issues down on the list of governmental priorities. "There is simply not time to focus on agriculture in Lebanon," she said...

She argued instead that gaps in financing are the more pressing problem for the Lebanese agricultural sector, saying that agricultural projects planned by the Association of Lebanese Farmers are currently short on funding. She added that international organizations can play a role in helping to remedy these shortfalls.

Oueijan also placed some of the blame on the farmers themselves, saying they "weren't properly organized" before the recent establishment of the Association of Lebanese Farmers."

The Sanioura government's (and Haddadamus's and his advisor) plan for agriculture:

1. Blame the victims
2. Subcontract the sector to charities and aid donors

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