Thursday, June 28, 2007

Now you know what you eat

Kudos to Al Safir for an excellent food and nutrition page today, researched by Zaynab Ghosn and Milia AbuJawdeh. The articles include:

"Fatty poisons enter our food camouflaged in the absence of legislations" on the prevalence of trans-fatty acids in the junk the Lebanese love to eat.

"Levels of trans-fatty acids in Lebanon higher than what is internationally considered acceptable" a brief summary of AUB student Carole Saadeh entitled "Fatty acid composition, including trans fatty acids, of some local and regional bakery and snack products in the Lebanese market"


"Food industries raise sugar content of their products regardless of health impact"

In arabic

If interested, look up my previous post on food quality and safety of imported products and products locally sold

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