Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Free Trade Agreements: dump subsidized dairy products

"The westernization of lifestyles and eating habits in many Middle Eastern countries has opened the door for the U.S. dairy industry – boosting U.S. dairy exports in the retail sector by an average of 5 percent annually since 2000. Dairy producers, through their checkoff investment in the U.S. Dairy Export Council® (USDEC), help increase sales by funding demand-building market development and expansion programs in Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, that help find a home for new U.S. milk production.

The Middle East represents the sixth largest export market for U.S. dairy products and ingredients. “The growth and lifestyle changes in the Middle East make it an important market for U.S. dairy producers,” said Kimberly Clauss, a California dairy producer and USDEC board member. “Without international markets like the Middle East, excess milk solids would be a burden on the U.S. market and would constrain industry growth.”"

I especially like the "demand-building programs". What does it entail? Really?


Rania said...

excellent bits of information
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Bedouina said...

And of course the point is that these over-produced cows in the USA making the surplus milk have been doped up with hormones etc. And their khara contaminates our land and our water. The over-production isn't good for anybody.

I buy hormone-free milk in the States for my children; I haven't gone to organic milk yet, partly because of the price, partly because I'm not sure it's "worth it." But I'm starting to realize that it's a question of the politics and sustainability of the milk, not only the health benefits.

Industrial agriculture is a plague upon the face of the planet. With the decline of oil supplies, it may decline as well; industrial ag is only possible due to cheap oil.