Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Food comes from...the supermarket

"British adults are so ignorant about where or how food is produced that many don't know that staple items such as bacon, bread, porridge originate from UK farms.
Farmers produce 60% of all the food consumed in this country, yet many adults questioned didn't associated everyday foods with British farms. " (thanks Rania)

I'm not sure what the average Lebanese thinks, but if they believe that most of their food is imported, they would be right. I may have mentionned this before, but I'll repeat it anyway: Think of the average manoucheh (baked bread with thyme and oil). This is the penultimate Lebanese street food. Tons are consumed everyday. What does it have in it? US flour, chinese yeast, US soybean oil, Lebanese thyme, Syrian sesame. The Lebanese ingredients must make less than 0.1% of the weight and of the value of the manoucheh.

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Bedouina said...

Silly me, I thought Syria grew the wheat. In the old days, my own family grew wheat - I have a picture of Sitteh with a hand sickle in the field. My father's cousin was just talking to me about the famine of the early 20th century, and when I asked if people starved in Mieh-Mieh he said no, everybody had enough land to grow their own food. They grew their own wheat and didn't starve. He said that even during the war of the 70s (I believe that's what he said, my Arabic is patchy) some people grew wheat.

BUt now all that land has been sold off for high rise apartment blocks.