Saturday, June 30, 2007

Isolate Syria-but after the potato harvest please

"Industrialists, farmers and economists on Thursday warned that Lebanon will suffer grave economic consequences if Syria shuts down the border crossings. "Most of Lebanon's agricultural exports go through Syria and if Damascus decided to close all crossing points than we will be deprived of more than $1 billion in export revenues a year."

Similar article in arabic in today's As Safir: Farmers are hurrying to pick the potatoes before Syria closes its last border still open in Masnaa. Farmers and farmer's unions foresee a disaster if this happens before the season is exported.

1. Please let those who keep complaining about agriculture being a useless sector that Lebanon exports $ 1 billion per year JUST THROUGH SYRIA.
2. Please let those who keep complaining about Syrian produce entering Lebanon remember that Syria imports more from Lebanon than vice-versa.
3. Please lets remember that we cannot want to wage a war against a state AND ask it to keep its orders open for our produce to keep flowing through it. I mean, we can, but it doesn't sound very serious.

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