Tuesday, June 19, 2007

US penetrates the Middle East

"The web site, http://www.uae-us.org, provides a comprehensive overview of social and cultural relations, bilateral trade and security cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and the United States. The site also provides a regularly updated library of useful links and third-party analysis of the UAE, from US and UAE government sources, international media and high-level research and academic institutions.

Economically, the UAE is now the largest export market for US companies in the Middle East and North Africa, and therefore a significant trading partner."

The US is also the largest exporter of foodstuff to Lebanon. Lebanon's annual food import bill is $2billions. Lebanon's total food exports is $2millions per year. Only a small quantity reaches the US for many reasons, among them the bioterrorism act: products coming from countries like Lebanon have to undergo special scrutiny. This is also called a non-tariff trade barrier.

Lebanon's ministry of economy and trade ably led by Haddadamus is trying as hard as it can to sign a bilateral free trade agreement with the US. This should make it easier for the US to export even more junk food to Lebanon. So we are going to grant even more trade facilities to the country to which we pay most of our food bill, while they import almost nothing from us.

This is Nobel prize winning stuff.

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