Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Poor of Lebanon, rejoice! The foes agree on your fate

"Rival Lebanese political parties seem to have a common interest: creating a just economic and social system. At least that's what the representatives of the main parties in the Parliament are conveying to the EU, which invited them to debate openly the future of socio-economic development of Lebanon.

Representatives of Hizbullah, Amal, the Free Patriotic Movement, Future movement, Lebanese Forces and the Phalange Party sat down with EU officials and independent economists from May 29-30 to reach a common understanding on economic and social issues that affect the entire population.The options include privatization and regulation, private management of state-owned utilities or better management of state assets in some cases.

"In all cases, the government should set the policies and the institutional framework for the sector in question and engage the private sector only in concluding transactions. The privatization process should be transparent, open and preceded by measures to ensure competition."
The participants emphasized the central role of the agricultural sector in improving the living conditions of the rural population, protecting the environment and reducing internal and external migration.
There was a consensus on improving the social and health benefits of all Lebanese.
But they stressed that these social programs should be developed without imposing an excessive burden on the treasury and with an appropriate involvement of non-state actors. "

It's not that I am a cynic, but really, how far can you go with generic statements? Note that no one opposes privatisation, they just want it to be transparent, meaning: "I want my share".

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