Saturday, June 2, 2007

For my personal record

I've had to leave Lebanon to attend to some urgent and less urgent matters abroad. I have been following the news on TV, feeling so frustrated. I've just heard on al Jazira a broadcast from inside the Nahr el Bared camp by a health worker from one of the dispensaries. He was saying that the bombing was reaching all the camp, even areas where there are no Fateh al Islam. He also asked al jazira to correct its reports that said that the bombing was limited to Fateh al Islam areas. He said that his house where there are no militias received a 155 cannon shell (for those who dont know, that's pretty big). He also said that families were hiding together wherever there were safe places, like under a staircase, which makes the casualties heavier. He told of a shelter under a building that had collapsed, and of an unknown number of families trapped inside. He urged for a cease fire and for heavy lifting equipment before all die. He warned that after this shelling, the truth will come out abut the casualties and that it will be horrific.

There was then a footage of the Lebanese government meeting, al looking fresh and rested. Then Fatfat the sports minister, blamed Fateh al Islam who left the army with no choice, because FI are hiding among the civilians. Then Zaki, the PLO representative asked for moderation in bombing the civilians.

I write this for my personal record, lest I forget.

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Bedouina said...

It's as if we live in Big Brother's world, where the official propaganda story becomes the truth, and those of us who have memories of other aspects of the story, other pieces of the truth, must secrete our evidence away in hiding places, in hopes that one day the record will be complete. One day the stories will be told? We can only live in hope.

The difference is, Big Brother of today doesn't care much if we hide our records in plain sight. Here on the internet there is so much chatter, it doesn't matter what anyone says. It's only if the stories creep into the mainstream, the official organs, that they begin to threaten the official party line.

I salute you, sir. I hope we get to meet one day insha'allah. If you come to Northern California, please let me know.