Thursday, June 14, 2007

Turkish roses

"Years later I came across what seemed to be the height of exoticism in rose-flavored Turkish delight. Fat, juicy, pale pink squares dusted in a mixture of starch and icing sugar that melt in your mouth leaving a lingering essence of rose. In the lands between Melbourne and Turkey, roses, and more commonly rosewater, are used in a multitude of foods, particularly in sweets. In northern India rosewater can be found in a fried dessert of milk solids, a little flour coated in sugar syrup flavored with cardamom. A similar dessert exists in Arab cuisine. Sweet lassi, a traditional South Asian yoghurt drink, may be flavored with rosewater while a popular syrup of the Middle East is made from dates, grape molasses and rosewater. In Iran ice cream, biscuits and other sweets are laced with the scent of rose. Western taste buds may be familiar with rose-flavored madeleines, the French sweet biscuit, or in marzipan flavored with rosewater." (This one's for you Anna, recipes included)

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