Friday, February 22, 2008

Country fuel

"AMY GOODMAN: Can you talk about sustainable biodiesel, the whole idea, the company that you founded with Annie Nelson, your wife?

WILLIE NELSON: Well, the whole idea is to keep it local, is to grow—the farmers can grow what we need—food, fuel—over across the road over there, and we can buy it from them, consume it, and everything stays within the community. The problem is when we start importing everything, then you have all the transportation, all the environmental issues, and the price goes high. So biodiesel is a great idea, but it has to be done locally, has to be sustained locally and has to be for the local community, or else, you know, it’s no different than any other energy cartel. We have to keep things local. Our farmer grows it. We buy it from him, whether it’s food or fuel. He makes a couple of bucks. We consume it. If there’s anything over, we might send it out north a hundred miles or so. But otherwise, it stays right here."

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