Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Saving Irish agriculture

"The latest move for a deal is understood to be coming from the US. President Bush, who is due to leave office in November, is apparently keen to leave a legacy behind him -- ( as if the war in Iraq isn't enough) -- and he wants a deal on WTO to be brokered under his watch.

Commentators in favour of a quick resolution believe that a trade deal would inject much-needed confidence into a troubled world economy -- a line being adopted all too readily by many quarters who seem intent on sacrificing agriculture in this round of the talks.

The Doha round of talks, launched in late 2001, has been deadlocked for years. Sealing this elusive global trade deal for the sake of Bush's vanity is ludicrous.

If Irish agriculture is to have any future, every effort must be made to block the current deal that's on the table." (Thanks Rania)

Full Independent article here.

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Steve Bloom said...

His successor will be elected in November, but Bush won't leave office until January 20th.