Monday, February 4, 2008

Helping Gaza Resist and Exist

Seven years ago, the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature started its campaigns for Palestine, with a focus on sustainable development even in its relief efforts. Due to the current circumstances in the Gaza Strip, APN is undertaking the following projects:

"From the Besieged Farmer to the Besieged Family" Campaign - Gaza

  • Preparing food baskets consisting of foodstuffs and produce bought from farmers and distributing them among needy families, which have lost their livelihoods due to invasions, closures and the resulting deaths and loss of jobs among family providers.
  • The baskets contain locally produced cheese, palm dates, thyme, strawberry juice, tomato, cucumber, potato, cabbage, onion and cauliflower
  • Required amount: $200,000 - $70 per basket (2,130 baskets for 2,130 families)

"They Uproot One Tree.We Plant Ten" Campaign - reclamation and planting of destroyed agricultural lands in Gaza

· Today, more than 80% of Gaza's population, the majority of which are farmers, live under the poverty line with unemployment reaching more than 40%. 70,000 farmers and 30,000 agricultural workers were affected by the poor conditions in the agricultural sector.

· The project will contribute to planting more than 20,000 trees in the destroyed lands.

· Required amount for rehabilitation and planting: $100,000

The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

Tele: 5673331, e-mail:

Fax: 5699777, P.O.Box 811815 Amman - 11181 Jordan

Bank Account for the trees planting campaign JD 0128/258383-6/500

$ 0128/258383-6/510

? 0128/258383-6/598

Swift code: ARABJOAX128
Arab Bank, Gardens Branch/ Amman

This is a message I have received from Gaza.

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