Saturday, February 16, 2008


"While scholars debate the odds of such scenarios, one thing is certain: Bangladesh is the most likely spot on the planet for one of the greatest humanitarian catastrophes in history. The country’s future, however, and the fate of its impoverished millions, will be determined not necessarily by rising sea levels, but by their interaction with, among other things, the growth of religious fundamentalism, the behavior of its neighbors and other outside powers, and the evolution of democracy. So, I came to Bangladesh." (Thanks D.)

Article by Robert Kaplan, a former US military officer. He thinks that the only thing poor people of Bangladesh have against the US is that it walked out of the Kyoto protocol. He also thinks that climate change (not Northern imperialism) is the key mover of Islamic fundamentalism. Read and learn.

There are a couple of good paragraphs though, where he talks about Bangladeshi NGOs.

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