Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bedouin women speak

" I don't want a car and I don't want to live in a villa. All I want is a modest job to support myself." This is how Nour, 19, a Bedouin woman from the Wazzani area in South Lebanon, and a casual farm worker who earns 7,000 LBP per day (US$4.5) describes her expectations. Unlike most Bedouins in Lebanon who have now become settled, the Wazzani Arabs are still semi-nomadic, but they now move in search of jobs instead of green pastures. And they still live in tents. Excellent short article by Assaf Abu Rahhal in Al Akhbar on the lives of the Bedouins of the Wazzani through the eyes of the women.

"They called me Nour (light), she said, and I wish they had called me zalam (darkness)..."

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