Sunday, February 22, 2009


"Cooking is a human universal. No society is without it. No one other than a few faddists tries to survive on raw food alone. And the consumption of a cooked meal in the evening, usually in the company of family and friends, is normal in every known society. Moreover, without cooking, the human brain (which consumes 20-25% of the body’s energy) could not keep running. Dr Wrangham thus believes that cooking and humanity are coeval.

In fact, as he outlined to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), in Chicago, he thinks that cooking and other forms of preparing food are humanity’s “killer app”: the evolutionary change that underpins all of the other—and subsequent—changes that have made people such unusual animals." (Thanks D.)


Susan said...

Humans need to fuel to operate. The only way to re-fuel, obviously, is to eat. The better the fuel, the more efficient our bodies will operate. Why not create your own fuel by cooking your own meals at home? It is simply cost efficient.

troro - the artists behind said...

Beside fueling, cooking gives people an identity which is a basic survival need if you ask me. It makes their history and it shapes their lifestyle... A good example is what happened last week in Maghdouche, my village. All week, people were proudly busy preparing and baking "Mabroumeh" sweets at home celebrating the coming catholic fast. I would do with a piece right now to fuel my brain !:)