Monday, February 9, 2009

How cute

"Ynet, February 2, 2009 - An initiative of "Let the Animals Live" brought the minister of defense to allow the entry of trucks, loaded with food and medicine, into Gaza, in order to take care of sick and needy animals in distress.

"Let the Animals Live Israel" together with a Palestinian animals welfare organization with the Coordination and Liaison office in Gaza, and other international organizations, has arranged for a delivery of food and medicine supplies to benefit the animals in Gaza in general and specifically the Gaza Zoo...."

The US did a similar stunt in Lebanon during the July 2006 Israeli aggression. They took away animals form the shelters, while they gave Israel intelligent bombs to destroy buildings over their inhabitants. Zionist doctrine: Arabs are lower than animals, except subservient Arabs, who are like domestic animals.

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nadia said...

There's also which rescues Iraqi animals at $4000US/dog.

The site's down now but an artist last year or so started a "dog or Iraqi" project where the internet got to vote on which of them would get waterboarded. Considering people were actually talking about a game show for immigrants to get their green card at one point, I put nothing past people.