Monday, February 2, 2009

Inside Al-Shifa Hospital

"A Special Report by Dr's Erik Fosse and Mats Gilbert was published in The Lancet, Volume 373, Issue 9659, Pages 200 - 202, 17 January 2009. The report title is Inside Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital, and it is made available free of charge by The Lancet. The report is an objective description of what Fosse and Gilbert witnessed during their stay in Gaza in the beginning of January 2009. Descriptive statistics of Palestinian casualties including injured and dead women and children (figure to the right) are provided in the Special Report. A Panel with 3 paediatric cases seen by Dr Gilbert are also described. Downoad the Special Report from The Lancet here.

The Lancet issue also contains an Editorial with the title The medical conditions in Gaza, and a Comment with the title Gaza - a symptom of an insufficiently acknowledged cause by Iain Chalmers. Finally, another Special Report with the title Medical facilities under intense pressure in Gaza by Jan McGirk is in the Lancet issue." (Thanks Muna)

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