Saturday, June 12, 2010

ولك تفو...

من بين كل النصوص المحتفية بيوم الأرض، ارتأرت معلمة لبنانية أن تمتحن تلامذتها في الصف السادس بنص كتبه طفل إسرائيلي يتغنّى بأرض اغتصبها أجداده: يحدث ذلك في لبنان
أحمد محسن


Jad Khalil said...

It is important to understand the Israeli side (our constructed "ennemy"). Continuing to promote the myth of a disneyfied (all-evil, purely maleficient) otherness is not a productive approach to the conflict.

This schoolteacher should be congratulated for thinking ouside the box (your box) when looking at the conflict.

Moreover, it is unlikely that she was trying to generate sympathy for the israeli narrative, but merely to understand what that narrative is - future generations HAVE to understand the israeli narrative if we are to engage with them meaningfully in a putative peace process.

I wish i had an arabic keyboard so i can express myself more eloquently.

Rami Zurayk said...

JK: You seem to be pretty sure of what the teacher's aim was although the school did not put these arguments forward. Understandably: no one would have believed it. It is simply risible. If you knew Lebanon you would understand why.