Friday, June 8, 2007

Spiritual heritage

"Araq is a national jewel that should be polished and presented to the world. Lebanon, which aspires to be the boutique nation, should be selling a boutique eau de vie. A new law should be drafted in which the strictest guidelines for the production of what could be called premium araq should be laid down. Let those who still want to make "ordinary" araq do so, but let there be a benchmark for a premium product that, like wine, will take the best of Lebanon to the world. The Scots did it with malt and premium whisky, and even the Mexicans did it with the foul tequila."

And there are so many other products, part of Lebanon's food culture, that can be brought out and shared with the world, and provide income for small and large producers.

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Ms Levantine said...

You know my view by now: we are a nation of greengrocer and we should have boutique olive oil, arak, wine, tomatoes, rub al rummane...