Monday, November 19, 2007

Anti poverty or anti poor?

I haven't yet had time to read the Bank's World Development Report on agriculture, so i will refrain from commenting, but here's one of the outcomes of the Bank's practice in the Philippines. read the article, very interesting.

"After seven years of implementation, the results are in: the World Bank's experiment in market-led agrarian reform in the Philippines has resulted in anti-poor outcomes. The evidence shows that wealth and power transfers in the project sites have followed four broad patterns - all flowing in one basic direction: intra-elite/elite-to-elite, state-to-elite, foreign donor-to-elite and poor-to-elite. Alongside its clear failure in this specific sense, the experiment has been a boon for the cause of anti-reform, strengthening the manoeuvres of anti-reform forces, while undermining the redistributive potentials not only of the present, but also of any future state land reform law in the country."

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