Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Eat more, talk less

Do you know why Lebanese olive farmers (sometimes) have a problem selling their produce? Because the Lebanese don't eat enough olive oil! According the World Olive Oil Council, the per capita consumption of olive oil in Lebanon is a measly 2.4 kg per year. Compare to Syria (5.3 kg), Spain (11.2 kg) and Greece (an unbelievable 20.7). Instead of singing its praise, go buy some of your own olive oil. And stop cooking with soy oil.


bech said...

well put!

one question prof, what was it you said about man'ousheh being made with no Lebanese produces?

Rami Zurayk said...

check here
and the comments too

bech said...

I've checked the links and oh holy mother lord!

But just to tell you that the Zaatar we do in 'our village' (بضيعتنا
is the best on earth (of course). it has zaatar, sumac, sesame, all of which come from our garden and the mix is just great.