Wednesday, November 21, 2007


"Meeting the shipment deadline was critical to the fledgling project, in which hundreds of tonnes of Kandahar's pomegranates are packed into boxes and flown to supermarkets around the world. It's the first time since the collapse of the Taliban regime that the region's farmers have sold their fruit overseas, and as harvest season finishes up this week, the people involved with the effort are quietly celebrating...

"This is the first time in the history of Afghanistan that our fresh fruit has reached Europe, North America, and the Middle East," said Mustafa Sadiq, owner of Omaid Bahar Ltd., one of the distributors involved in the project."

This one is for my friend Nayla who's looking for something nice to do in her village to promote local development. Why not Roummane Kfar Roummane Nayla?

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bech said...

I won't mind being the monopsonist of the Roummane produced in this region provided it is transformed Debs al Roumane. :-)