Thursday, November 29, 2007

Conspiracy DeNile

"The "Israeli" policy aims at threatening Arab security including of course that of Egypt through increasing "Israel's" influence in the States controlling the Nile waters at its sources, by concentrating on agricultural projects that rely on pumping its water requirements from Lake Victoria. To reach this goal "Israeli" policy aims at increasing tension between Arab and African States, which shall distract Egypt's attention away from the Palestinian cause. "Israel" also aims at obtaining facilities for establishing military bases in the Nile basin States and the use of their air and maritime bases, as it got facilities in Ethiopia during its 1967 aggression, and the intend upon using these States as bases for espionage against Arab States and also as markets for its military industrial products, creating local military cadres loyal to it.

Besides these goals, "Israel" had always been interested in solving the problem of getting new water supplies, and diverting part of the Nile waters through the Sinai Peninsula to the Negev Desert. This is an old project, it was first presented by to the British government Herzl in 1903, and these "Israeli" intensive trials were repeated since the 1970s. In spite of the Egyptian governmental and popular rejection of the project, the Zionist State never gave up hope, it is a Zionist dream, awaiting the right occasion for it to come true, and to propose it anew and importune for its fulfillment when the political and economic occasion in the region permits."

Long, good article about israel's efforts to control the sources of the Nile.through intelligence, military, politics and trade. None of these approaches are new to the zionists.Translated fro Arabic, so kindly replace all instances of "international bank" with "world bank". I post this for my friend Kirsten who does not believe
(while i do) in the israeli conspiracy to foment trouble and use existing tension to get a hold on the nile waters. (thanks maysoun)

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Battal Agha said...

Chou hal hamraney ya hmar. From where did you get this BS? Are you high on H ya Rami ZURAYK>>>>>