Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hassan Bové

From Hassan Nasrallah's speech on the occasion of the opening of the "Ardi" fair for traditional products in Beirut's southern suburbs. Not earth shaking, but note the emphasis on the relationship between sovereignty and agriculture, and on the need to organize farmers. José Bové would have been proud. Are we going to witness a conversion of swords into plowshares?

"There cannot be independence or sovereignty without a productive economic sector. How can a political movement destroy agriculture and still call itself a sovereignty and independence movement? This sector needed the support of the government, be it at the levels of production, credit, the facilitation of legal procedures, or the organization of unions. Talking about individual enterpreneurship is not enough, a collaborative effort is required in order to enhance achievements.
He further added: we are watching with concern and even with fear at the policies of this government towards the productive sectors, especially agriculture and industry.
This fair, he added, is a contribution from the civil society to fill some of the void created by the government(s) over several decades. "

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