Friday, November 9, 2007

White wash

"Nestlé Waters, a unit of Nestlé that sells Perrier, Poland Spring and other spring waters, has already reduced package weight and instituted energy efficiencies and land conservation projects, said Kim E. Jeffery, its chief executive.

Coca-Cola, which makes Dasani purified water, has increased recycling and reduced the weight of plastic bottles, instituted numerous energy-efficiency projects and is working with the World Wildlife Fund on projects to conserve seven freshwater river basins. The company has decreased its water use by 6 percent since 2002, said Lisa Manley, director of environmental communications for Coca-Cola, and has pledged to replenish the water it draws in communities in which it operates.

“We have committed to grow our business without growing our carbon footprint, and to become truly water neutral,” said Ms. Manley, who said Coca-Cola would lay out a timetable for meeting its goals next year.

Such moves are not winning over all environmentalists, though.

“Bottled water is a business that is fundamentally, inherently and inalterably unconscionable,” said Michael J. Brune, executive director of the Rainforest Action Network. “No side deals to protect forests or combat global warming can offset that reality.”" (Thanks D.)

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