Friday, November 16, 2007


The Ashira of the Huruk (عشيرة عرب الحروك). One of the remaining bedouin tribes of Lebanon, demands recognition. There are in the Bekaa two kinds of Ashaer (tribes) the shi'a of the North Bekaa, who have been settled for a long time, and the sunni of the west bekaa and the south (also called "arab" to mean "tribal"). There are 12 shi'a ashira, and the Hamadeh, who ruled Kesrwan, are the "head" of the Ashaer. Among the Shi'a ashaer: Jaafar, Nasreddine, Amhaz.

The sunni ashaer are different: they were nomadic or semi nomadic until 50 years ago, and have settled in the south (like the village of Ghajar, still occupied by Israel) or in other villages along the border. They are also present in the West Bekaa, and can sometimes be confused for Roma people. They were present in all Lebanon in the early 20th century, and raided villages in the suburbs of Beirut.

I don't know much more, if someone can point me to info, I'd be grateful. That's a job for Mustapha Mond.

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