Friday, January 18, 2008


Today's issue of Badael-Alternatives in Al-Akhbar: a very interesting main article by Usama al-Khalidi on Science and Technology in the Arab World, and on the difference between doing science and creating technology. My editorial on "Technology for the poor?". Rana Hayek's article on Generic Drugs. My article on carob molasses (Dibs el kharroub), a traditional sweet from Lebanon. And we welcome Mariana Yazbeck writing on red anemones in World of Plants "Alam al A`shab". Mariana is a botanist living in the US and she will be in charge of the plants section in Badael. Ahlan Mariana.


A B said...

Thanks for the great articles,
but I'd like to ask about the Carob article; it says:

يصنع من مستخلص الخروب منتوج بديل يدعى «شوكولاته صحية»

so is there a chocolate-like produce from Carob and is it available in Lebanon? Where can we find it?

Rami Zurayk said...

Thanks a b. I think you may be able to find some in the health food shops,as they are popular in organic and health food shops in Europe and the US (a quick search will show that). I personally prefer to buy locally produced stuff because I find it absurd to buy a carob bar made with carob that has traveled 10,000 miles. As there is no locally made bars, I make debs w'theeneh sandwiches and think of them as chocolate spread. But it doesn't always work as I love dark chocolate.