Friday, January 4, 2008

Friends of who?

That's why I dislike some "environmentalists". They are single issue campaigners and claim to be "objective" and "non-political", and that the protection of the environment comes before social justice and the elimination of oppression. Look at this site, Friends of the Earth Middle East. Look their publications on water and see how they deal with the Jordanians, the Palestinians and the Israelis as if they were equal in their policy making power. They are not, FoEME, Israel is the oppressor, and the Palestinians are the victim. No matter how many token Palestinians you get into your silly meetings and your even sillier publications, Israel will still be the oppressor and the Palestinians the victims.

Look at how they have a page called: Israel and Hezbollah War (with no links there, one wonders). Let me set the record straight: it was Israel's war of destruction on Lebanon, encouraged (and planned) by the US and the Global North. The Lebanese Resistance led by Hizbullah gave them a thrashing, but you don't see us bragging about it, do you? (well maybe only a little).

And look how panicky they are about "sharing water". Israel, sharing anything? That would be the day. Look at a couple of posts below in this blog to see how much Israel likes "sharing" water. Israel's plan for sharing water in the Middle East is probably something like that: "Either you give us your water nicely (and we want it cleaned first), or we'll take it by force."

Oh and what I like most: They are the Middle East chapter of Friends of the Earth. So that's the Middle East: the countries that made peace with Israel. Who's the President of FoE? GW?

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