Thursday, January 17, 2008


Price increase in Lebanon since July 2006 according to the Consumers Association: 37.4%. Read this good article on yesterday's press conference by the Zouheir Berro the head of the CA, in which he exposes cartels and monopolies and the fake regulating role of government. A similar (but I must say less incendiary-quite appropriate term) article in assafir.

Just 37.4%. I swear it felt much higher. Note that salaries have not increased, and thus that we are all relatively poorer. By at least 37%.


Sophia said...

I am curious to know what were the increases in prices just before the 1975 civil war. I was living in Lebanon at the time and I got, and still have, the impression that there were some dramatic increases in prices of housing and goods in the beginning of the seventies.

Rami Zurayk said...

I asked my parents and they said cost of living did increase with the remittances from the Gulf