Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Things are getting bad: the cold wave has caused large damages to the farm sector and 4 people in the south and in the north have died from the cold. The price of fuel and the severe electricity rationing, which is usually 18 hours a day (just 6 hours of electricity) but can be 24 hours for many days are behind these deaths. The farm and agricultural unions, including the fishermen's unions appear to be moving on with their general strike, planned for the 24th of January. Their demands: a national unity government that will put agriculture and farming on the agenda, stable subsidies for agricultural products that are part of the strategic food security, the protection of local production in the national and international markets, creation of the national fund for the protection of the agricultural sector from natural disasters, payment for the damages incurred during the July 2006 (Israeli) aggression and for damages due to natural disasters, and inclusion of farmers and fishermen in the social security fund.

Will they go on strike? Will it matter to the regime? Will it change anything?

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