Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More please

Abdel Halim Fadlallah gives too much credit to Hasan Nasrallah by attributing to Hizbullah a social equity and economic justice agenda: there is nothing in the actions or in the literature of Hizbullah to indicate that. In an interview a few days ago, Nasrallah said: "If we (the opposition) want one third of the governmental seats (enough to cause it to resign), it is to ensure that there is a Lebanese will to address the principal dossiers: the relationship with Syria and the national defence strategy. It also means that there will be a national economic policy that is independent of the IMF and the World Bank. If they (the current 14 March government) take over power alone, this will be dangerous for the country at more than one level: dangerous for the farmers and the peasants, for the workers and for the productive sectors."

This hardly qualifies for high praise. Or is it that the social justice situation in Lebanon is so bad that this is the best we can get out of the leader of the opposition? A strategy, give us a strategy.

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