Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Seeds for solidarity

SEED Project

SEED (Sustainable Environmental and Economic Development) is a project focusing on developing environmentally-sustainable perma-culture projects in
Palestine as a way for Palestinian activists to provide themselves with food and income.

How It Works:
Our pilot project is a greenhouse in Beit Ommar. Palestinian, Israeli, and International activists are building a greenhouse to grow organic fruits and vegetables that will be maintained by Palestinian PSP activists as a way to provide their families with income so that they may continue to be engage in their non-violent resistance to Israeli Occupation. Israeli environmental activists are joining the Palestinians and sharing information about water preservation and greenhouse design.

We want a new, creative, and sustainable way for the many full-time activists to be able to both provide for their families and continue their activist work. We recognize that many Palestinians are unable to be full-time organizers and activists because they need to focus on getting jobs. We want a way for us to work together to generate food and income as an integral aspect of PSP.

Our goal is to develop expertise in building greenhouses and other permaculture projects that focus on bio-remediation and water-preservation within Palestinian communities so that SEED will be developed in other areas of Palestine.

International volunteers are welcome!!!
Throughout the year, but particularly this summer, international volunteers will join Palestinian activists in the first ‘harvest’! We will have information sessions on sustainable permaculture and greenhouses particular to this environment and, more importantly, will be giving internationals the opportunity to work side by side with Palestinian farmers.

Housing for the duration of your stay in Beit Ommar is free. Please contact us for more information.

Support this Project
If you would like to support this important project, please consider donating to the Palestine Solidarity Project by visiting our donations page.

This was send to me by Marcy so I am assuming it is a politically clean project.

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