Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another Dubai record

After the tallest tower in the world, the most expensive hotel, the tackiest houses, the longest indoor ski slope and now the largest ice lounge in the world, Dubai can be proud of its new record: the largest ecological footprint. This one will be felt by the whole world.

"The average person in the Emirates puts more demand on the global ecosystem than any other in the world, according to the World Wildlife Fund. In a report issued in October, the WWF said the Emirates' ecological footprint measured 11.9 global hectares per person, compared to 9.6 hectares per person for the United States and a global average of 2.2 hectares a person. The scale measures the amount of land needed to generate resources for one person" (thanks D.)

1 comment:

moryarti said...

How about we ask all the Lebanese who are managing most of these projects to pack and leave Dubai and maybe -hopefully- replicate a fraction of these projects in Beirut?

I doubt you'll maintain the same stand