Saturday, August 4, 2007

Learning to fish

"When talking about fish, one would hardly think about Israel. The country is known for oil, and more recently, on its war against Lebanon. However, it turned out that fish is a very important part of Israeli economy and agriculture. In the last half decade, Israel has become one of the top fish exporters to the European Union, a development that boosted its economy. Israel is now counted among countries like China, Japan, and Singapore with the distinction of producing the best quality fish. Among these fish exporters, it is notable that Israel is the only Middle Eastern nation, a clear delineation from the oil industry.

However, the fish exports from Israel cost more than the Far Eastern variety. According to market data, Israeli fish exporters price their bounty by at least 10% higher than Far Eastern fish. The Israel fish industry sees no problem in this price disparity. Apparently, the EU does not consider higher prices as problems. Simon claims that their clients in the EU are willing to pay the price in exchange for getting quality fish. Studies have shown that Israeli bounty lives longer than Far Eastern catch, making them fresher. "

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