Friday, August 31, 2007

Egypt farm food

"I wish I could say that since moving to the farm I've lost a ton of weight and become sleek and svelte, but that would be fibbing. I haven't but I know that my diet is a lot healthier than it was in the city. The temptation to just call for a pizza was always really a tough one. Now most of my meals are prepared from the things that we are growing on the farm. This depends on the season, but being able to freeze or dry vegetables makes them last. Like most of our neighbours, we are growing the summer crop of bamia, or okra."

My friend Leila (who writes great comments on this blog and who blogs as Bedouina) sent me this link about "An American lady living in Egypt for the last quarter century keeps a blog about her small farm in Giza near the Saqqara pyramids." Here the American lady writes about peasant food.

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Ashraf Al Shafakiِ said...

I wish one day I do like her and move from Cairo and live in a farm in Egypt.