Monday, August 6, 2007

revisiting local

"Incorporating these measurements into their assessments, scientists reached surprising conclusions. Most notably, they found that lamb raised on New Zealand’s clover-choked pastures and shipped 11,000 miles by boat to Britain produced 1,520 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per ton while British lamb produced 6,280 pounds of carbon dioxide per ton, in part because poorer British pastures force farmers to use feed. In other words, it is four times more energy-efficient for Londoners to buy lamb imported from the other side of the world than to buy it from a producer in their backyard. Similar figures were found for dairy products and fruit." (thanks anna)

or how local eating does not hold all the the global warming crisis, so, the author says, lets unearth the good old "comparative advantage" concept. Sure, I say, but remove farming subsidies from the north first.

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