Friday, August 24, 2007

Flatten the earth to save US farmers

"If the whole notion of a world trade in food becomes suspect, setting off some eat-local trade war, this endangers a quiet, good new thing: American farmers earning a living by finding new customers overseas." (Thanks D.)

In praise of free trade to save American farmers. But interesting take. I especially like the bit about whey costing 70p a pound. In Lebanon the dairy industry disposes of it on the fields.


Anonymous said...

two words: jalapeno brie

Leila said...

Jalapeno brie sounds gross, but you know my father always said: "eat to your own taste and dress to the taste of others."

Re: whey --

The folks at Pug's Leap artisanal goat cheese in Cal. are close friends of my in-laws, and I heard this story second hand - their neighbor grows wine grapes but was having trouble getting completely organic because of a mildew or some such calamity that seemed treatable only by chemical non-organic methods. Then he discovered that whey, perhaps specifically goat milk whey, cures the mildew. The gentlemen farmers at Pug's Leap now give him their whey to put on his grapes, and of course one can always eat the cheese and drink the wine together as a true marriage of the terroir.

PUg's leap: