Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Adeem: I had a house in Gaza

Adeem is from Gaza. She has not been able to return for 4 years because of the siege. A couple of days ago, she sent this email (I post with her permission):

"The pictures i have attached with this email , are for the house where i was born 27 years ago during the Israeli war in Lebanon in 1982. It is my maternal grandparents house which was built in 1965. This house holds the memories of many generations , starting from my mother , my uncles and aunts who were born and raised there, followed by my older cousins who were born in 1970s , then comes me and the cousins who were born in 80s and 90s. the house was a target for Israeli fascist bombs yesterday . "

Today Adeem sent me this email:
"my mind , my soul are in Gaza . yesterday my cousin and his wife were killed by an Israeli Missile and another cousin who went to rescue them is in coma now.. I only wish that those who r still alive will be safe and i will be able to see them soon , especially my father whom i haven't seen in 4 years , whom he didn't come to my wedding due to the siege. i am married for almost a year now and my dad still doesn't know my husband , does this happen to a lot of people these days, is it a trend? or it only happens to Gazans under siege???"
P.S find attached an old photo for the house before the fascists bombed it ."

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