Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Greetings from Gaza

My friend Ahmed sent me this (I post with his permission)

Greetings from Gaza

Dear Friends

Thanks much for your messages and good words in solidarity with Gaza and peace in our region. At the moment we have a seize fire in Gaza and people are moving and visiting each others we are all astonished and shocked by what we have seen on the ground after the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza lands. Today's morning I wend with my family to see our little fruitful orchard (one dunum), east of Gaza city we found it totally destroyed with no one green branch, many of the trees planted there by the little hands of my children , we saw the orchard's borders are disappeared too. So many palestinian small scale farmers have same situation. I and many others still believe that such situation and destruction should motivate all of us to continue our entire struggle to pave the way for real and good change ... a struggle for just peace and fare development in Palestine and the whole area. Part of this struggle is to continue our work and mission jointly with Palestinian agricultural grassroots organizations and other international partners in Gaza in the weeks and months to come.

Finest Regards from here

Ahmed Sourani
Director of Projects & Cooperation
Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees

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