Friday, January 23, 2009

The Declaration

Dear Razan who is fearless organized this petition during the IPC meeting in Rome last week.

Stop the Genocide and Ecocide in Palestine

We , representatives of civil society and non-governmental organizations, fisher and farmer movements, indigenous peoples and activists gathered here in Rome on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of the International NGO/CSO Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty (IPC) express our deepest condemnation of the atrocities and genocidal actions committed by the Israeli Government against Palestinian civilians, their environment and sources of livelihood under the so called “war against terror”. The excessive use of power is by no means a justification for any action or reaction. Every day, tens of people of all age groups are being slaughtered, mutilated and butchered while hundreds are wounded, most of whom can never resume their lives as they did before.

We observe with great concern the systematic destruction of farms, crops, water systems, wells, stables etc… which are the main source of livelihood for the majority of Palestinians in living in Gaza.

In view of this, we demand the following:

  • An Immediate ceasefire,
  • Lifting of all forms of siege and the restrictions of movement of people and supplies to
  • the civilian population in Gaza and the West Bank,
  • Insist on Palestinian Food Rights and Food Sovereignty
  • Boycott and obtain sanctions against Israel
  • Initiate a campaign asking the UN to claim compensation for damages caused by the State of Israel – as obtained by Kuwait after the 1990 Irak war
  • Establish immediately an International Mechanism to assess and report technically the aggressions against human and natural environment in Gaza
  • Initiate an international process for the prosecution of the political and military leader in Israel responsible for the mass murder of innocent civilian population of Gaza.
  • Launch a worldwide solidarity campaign with the devastated Palestinian people.

You can see it in Arabic and English here.

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