Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm in the Bekaa tonight, like every Monday night. The weather is too warm. It is grey, but it hasn't rained nearly enough this year: Only 177mm so far. Last year was a drought year and we had 240mm by the end of January. The long term average is around 280mm. This year could be a disaster year.


Dany said...

Is there a website that posts updated statistics about meteorological data in Lebanon (Rain etc...)? I know that the Beirut Aeroport posts old data.
... And thanks for the whole blog.

Rami Zurayk said...

Hello Dany
Not that I know of. Let me know exactly what you need, I may be able to help.

Dany said...

Thanks; that what fast!
Well, it's just for "curiosity" purposes. Nothing worth bothering you with. Just thought it would be somewhere on the web.

Ms Levantine said...

It is going to be a long, hot summer.


Leila said...

Did you see the September 2008 National Geographic magazine on soil? They showed pictures of Syria and said the soil blew away in antiquity because forests were chopped down in favor of olive trees. The whole article covered soil around the world - says we're in trouble, natch. I kept thinking - what would Rami say about this?

If you haven't seen it, one would assume AUB Library keeps a subscription.

Leila said...

Oh btw we are having the same drought here in California. There was a big dump of snow in December and a little rain at the beginning of January, then nothing. Reservoirs are at 40% of capacity. Big problem.