Friday, January 16, 2009

Worse than a locust plague

"The PA agriculture ministry in Gaza city has confirmed Wednesday that the monstrous Israeli aggression on Gaza inflicted nine million dollars in losses on the agriculture sector in the coastal Gaza Strip.

It also revealed that vast agricultural areas were badly harmed after irrigation systems feeding them with water suspended due to the brutal Israeli attack, causing sharp shortage in vegetables and fruits in the Strip's markets.

Fayez Al-Sheikh, the information and public relation officer in the ministry, explained that the presence of the IOF troops in areas east and northeast of the Strip denied Palestinian farmers easy access to their farms and greenhouses.

He also pointed out that lack of fuel in the Strip suspended hundreds of electricity generators operating deep water wells in those farms.

Moreover, Sheikh underscored that the fishing sector was also harmed by the aggression as many fishing boats were targeted and destroyed by the Israeli naval bombardment on the main anchorage at Gaza port, in addition to the cordon that the Israeli occupation navy imposed on Gaza sea, which hindered the access of the fishermen to their boats"

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