Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our children have names

Over 300 children were killed by the Zionists in Gaza in 23 days. Some believe the collateral damage tale. I don't. I believe the Zionists are attempting to kill as many children as they can. They want to inflict as much pain as possible in order to drive us away from the resistance, and to turn us into a defeated, subservient people. They also would like to eradicate us. They see as vermin and they have said it many times. Don't they refer to Gaza as "the snake pit"? And when you control vermin, this is what you do: you go to the houses and kill the young. And they tell you it is OK because it is for the greater good: the Zionists kill the Palestinians for their own good.

To the Zionists and to those who support them, we are not human, we are a nuisance. Our dead children are just statistics and numbers.

Today, a group of women in Lebanon called for a rally on the Ramlet el Baida beach in Beirut (which looks like the Gaza beach) to pay their respect to the martyred children and offer their condolences to their mothers in Gaza. They wrote the names and the ages of 215 martyred children and stuck them to the railing. They stood up and called them one by one. Our martyrs have names. They are not numbers. They are our children, human children of humans.


Anonymous said...

love this! thanks so much to lovely muna for her hardwork on this. i so wish i could have been there for this. it's making me miss beirut already, but more specifically those who spend their energy organizing such events.

j anthony said...

Thanks for posting this, Rami.

Garage Sales For Gaza said...

In the USA, they used to wear the scalps of the indigenous people they killed, on their belts.

Might make a pointed political "cartoon", to show something similar on IDF/IOF belts.

m. said...


Do you have a list, or know how I can get, a list of the names?

Garage Sales For Gaza said...
has a running list of names, ages, etc.

Leila said...

Thank you for this. It is so intensely sad. I also appreciated the photo of your son.... I remember the pictures of your children hiding during the Israeli assault on Beirut in 2006. My own experience as a 12 year old watching one, relatively short Israeli raid that "only" killed a handful of people marked me for life. The children suffer whether they are witnesses or the victims themselves.