Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I have to go to a meeting in Aleppo tomorrow and the day after. No blogging till then. And I don't feel bad about it: I've really had nothing to say lately, my throat is blocked.

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rima said...

Speak out for the dead,
Who can speak no more.
Speak out for the innocent lives,
Who were lost and what for,
Fighting for their dignity,
Struggling for their humanity,
Dying for the sanctity of their land.
Speak for the bleeding hearts
of their daughters, sisters, and mothers,
Crying out loud to the heavens,
With their broken hearts and souls.
Speak for the children,
Who are waiting to be born.
Speak for the broken promises,
of deserving decent existence.
But speak no more.
Your silent words
are choking you,
Suffocating you,
Humiliating you.
You can not breathe.
Speak no more.