Thursday, January 15, 2009

Letter from Gaza

Dear Friends,

The Israeli bombardment in its 20th day is the heaviest and most destructive that complicates the ongoing humanitarian operation.

The Israeli Military operation and bombardment is 400 meters a way from PMRS head office in Gaza; this will threat the lives of PMRS teams and jeopardize their efforts in emergency response , our teams might be forced to look for alternatives or move to safer places to continue their efforts.

UNRWA head offices and store houses including fuel main supply were targeted during the last few hours; the main building was hit, and it is on fire now. UNRWA the most important organization that leads the humanitarian work is forced to completely stop its operation in Gaza.

People living in this neighborhood are trapped in their homes (like Tal ALhawa neighborhood) with aid organizations and emergency health teams are unable to access these communities.

We all must work to ensure the protection of civilians in gaza and
maintain humanitarian efforts at this difficult time of the War .



Quality Health Care For All

Director General

Palestinian Medical Relief Society

Al-Bireh , PMRS Building
P.O.Box 572

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