Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cease fire?

So Israel, as it declared a unilateral war on Palestine and the Arab World in 1948 has now declared a unilateral cease fire. Gaza, a big concentration camp created by Israel, has been torn into pieces in the name of peace. Make no mistake: Israel is the spearhead, the ruthless arm. The vast majority of the World's states, especially the "White States" and the Arab World are active accomplices in this mass murder. Many of those who are now in Gaza will tell their tale and we will make sure no one ever forgets.


Garage Sales For Gaza said...

Yes, they say it is in the name of peace, but does it hide their true intentions?

Like, robbing the indigenous people of their natural resources?

The natural gas off the Gaza coast, which belongs to the people of Palestine, not the Israeli's.

j. said...

Israel ended their attack on Gaza the same way they do almost everything--unilaterally. They've taken the art of not noticing others to a new level. Unilaterally is the only way they'd know how to stop their depraved carnage. Countries everywhere, even ones on other planets, should cut all ties to Israel and bombard them with silence. Offer them a superabundance of what they seek--the erasing of everything that's not them. Maybe in all that silence they could at least begin to hear the sounds of their own actions.