Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gaza Beirut update

I have received this from B. in Beirut

"Day 11th in Gaza

Tuesday 6th: Israel realizes the failure of the land invasion in Gaza and decides to strike an UNRWA school this morning killing more than 135 civilians in one day, most of them were children. Of course, as children became a major target for Israel to make any achievements. Venezuela has decided to expel its ambassador after the massacres done in Gaza on daily basis. Mauritania and Jordan are discussing the possibility of cutting its relationships with Israel. On the other hand, the European Union and France are defending "Israel's right to attack Gaza". Shame on Humanity!

On Wednesday the 7th, a group of protesters will gather at Esqua, downtown, at 2:30pm to walk towards the EU building in Beirut to tell them that PALESTINIANS have the right to resist and exist. And at 4:00pm, a group of students are protesting at Starbucks, Verdun, to protest its policies of funding the "state of Israel" through its CEO. Another protest is being organized in Saida at 12:30pm. And also one in Mar Elias refugee camp at 5:00pm.

Most of the Arab countries have decided to make this Friday the national day of solidarity with Gaza and to express the Arab anger on the "Israeli" massacres. I will update you once Lebanon announces the type of action and its details.

Hope you can join us tomorrow,"

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